What is APISA/A?

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The APISA/A (Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian/American) Parent Advisory Group formed in May 2021 to support Asian* families within Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS). We provide an environment for openly sharing our hopes, needs, concerns, and challenges as community members in Ann Arbor, particularly related to equity and inclusion for APISA/A students and families. We serve as a resource to help APISA/A students and families, particularly those new to the area, learn how to access and navigate AAPS services.   

*Learn more about the communities we include here.


We support, advocate for and act on behalf of our community by building a trusting and transparent connection between APISA/A students and families and the AAPS school board. We serve in an advisory capacity to the AAPS school board by providing counsel on key issues important to APISA/A students and families, such as new family services, cultural awareness,  curriculum, anti-racist teaching practices, equity, as well as any other topics of concern.


Community, Inclusion, Equity, Accountability, Transparency

APISA/A Core Leadership (for 2021-2022 School Year): 

  • Caroline Semrau
  • Julie Kim
  • Linda Tam
  • Neeraja Aravamudan
  • Sonia Joshi
  • Xianli Tang
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