How Can You Get Involved?

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Current Priorities

We are interested in increasing visibility, equity and inclusion for our APISA/A students, while building community and connections between APISA/A families across schools (whether you are new to the district or are long-time residents of Ann Arbor).

Since we are a new group, we are focused on getting the word out about our organization. We’d love to have every school and as many Asian communities represented in APISA/A. Help us spread the word! The more voices we include, the louder we can be heard! 

Some of the issues we are interested in working on this year: 

  • Offering support to families new to the district and helping families navigate school systems
  • Advocating for PK-12 curriculum inclusive of APISA/A literature, art, and history
  • Advocating for increased APISA/A representation among teachers and administrators
    • Of 18000 students in AAPS, 14% are Asian (19% are multiethnic)
    • Of 2100 staff, 9% Asian (Only 4% of teachers and 3% of support staff)
    • Asians are not represented at all among Principals or Building Leaders 

Join us! 

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